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EquiAirbag® for Flexi , Add-on modul EquiAirbag® to combine with USG Flexi models of body protectors, level 3 by USG. The add-on modul can be easily pulled over the back side of Flexi models. It is certified according to EN 1621-4 (when activated). EquiAirbag® can be refilled when not damaged. Easy handling, high wearing comfort and very good value for money! The add-on modul EquiAirbag® is protecting the whole spinal column from the nape to the coccyx and it prevents that the head is thrown back and doesn't push the head forward. EquiAirbag® offers mobility and gives the flexibility to fall safely. The Airbag showed when tested a transmitted force of only 0,9 kN, an excellent value when compared with the maximum level required by the norm that is 9 kN. EquiAirbag® inflates in only 80/85 milliseconds. EquiAirbag® is patented. Practical, simple and safe. The add-on modul EquiAirbag® is activated by a special cable which is clipped onto the front right hand side of the saddle. As the horse rider is about to be unsaddled from the horse, the activating cable automatically activates EquiAirbag®. The horse rider is never tied to the horse. When EquiAirbag® is inflated, it is possible to move freely, go on riding, mount or dismount the horse and allows the rider to get up and move away from dangerous situations. You can use EquiAirbag® in the daily practice while riding without any difficulty. Therefore it is perfect for competition or training and can be reloaded indefinitely when not damaged. Weight (gas cartridge incl.): 1.100 Gramm Colour: Black, Ready for use incl. 1 Carbon dioxide cartidge. The body protectors "Eco Flexi", “Flexi", "Flexi Motion" and "Flexi Evolution" with the add-on modul EquiAirbag® are certified according to EN 13158-2009 / BETA standard level 3 and EN 1621-4. Both combined are so far the best safety product for the rider’s torso!